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Chris Lee started his career in the hemp fabric business in 2010, mainly focusing on moving hemp produced in Yunnan China across the globe to major producers and players in the fashion industry.

With the rapid development of CBD related products in the early 2010s, Chris made the critical decision of moving from hemp to focusing on providing high quality CBD extract for businesses all over the world. The move was evidently the correct one, as the CBD saw an incredible rise through the years since.

In 2022, Chris set out from the major players in China and branched out on his own and created the company you see today, Zeutika CBD. With our head offices based in Berlin and Vancouver, we give our customers access to more than half of the global production of CBD at an affordable price.

In an industry defining moment when FDA approved Epidiolex, a CBD containing medicine, we knew we were at the forefront of the rise of the CBD commercialization across the world.

Our Services

ZEUTIKA is committed to providing excellent CBD products and customer service to ensure that every consumer can enjoy the highest standards of health support. Our services include everything from rigorous product testing and comprehensive customer support to fast and reliable global shipping. Through continuous innovation and relentless pursuit of quality, ZEUTIKA brings advanced CBD solutions to consumers to improve their quality of life.

about service time

Service Time

On working days, reply anytime 24 hours a day

Phone support: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM daily

Email reply: Promise to reply within 24 hours

During public holidays we will provide normal telephone services

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Product Transportation

We provide efficient delivery solutions no matter where you are located.

All products are strictly packed to prevent damage and leakage during transportation

We will provide customers with transportation consulting services to ensure that customers can receive timely and effective help

about-after-sales service

After-sales Service

We promise to handle your problem quickly within 24 hours.

If there are any quality problems with the product, you can contact us to return or exchange it within two months of purchase.

For products, we provide detailed usage guidance and troubleshooting support. Our technical experts can also go on-site to help solve your problems.



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Contact us and let our team of experts know what your needs are, and we will see if our services matches that need.



We will send a workable sample of the product of your interest to your lab or production facilities.



If all is well, we can negotiate a pricing structure that accomodates to your needs.


Staying up to date

We will provide weekly consistent updates on your order's production, stage in the process, and shipping info. Maximizing transparency in working with us.

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Graduated from Sydney University in 2009, his yearning for adventure and growth brought him to China where he found his first job in hemp production in Yunnan province. For over 10 years, Chris has worked in the Hemp and CBD industry tirelessly, gaining experience and expertise that sharpened his industry prowess. in 2022 ,he founded his own business in Vancouver taking advantage of the thriving CBD market and quickly expanded to Europe.


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