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Our Products

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Super Purity CBD

Medical grade CBD powder concentrate, 99.5% + purity.

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High Purity Hemp Oil

Industry leading quality, 50% CBD content with less than 0.2% THC.

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Water-Soluble CBD

Highly versitle 10% CBD blend with lightning fast water-solubility.

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CBD Essential Oils

Our essential oils contains extremely low THC levels, <0.05% and <0.1%.

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Work with us, to build great products

We have been in the CBD industry for over 10 years, delivering the best of the best, highest quality CBD products for our customers. Our team of experts will find anything you may need for your product. Our dedication to quality and consistency will ensure a peace of mind as you scale.

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At Zeutika, our mission is simple. To provide you with the highest quality CBD at the lowest prices.


Zeutika collaborates with leading research institutions, advanced pharmaceutical firms, and leading product manufacturers.


Why Us


We pride ourselves on our ability to produce a product with virtually zero THC content. Our strict adherence to our industry leading standards ensure you only receive the best.


As a global exporter and having access to the largest hemp-growing operation in the world, we are capable of meeting substantial demand, regardless of location. We deliver consistency, ensuring your business can confidently scale with a reliable CBD source.


Our diverse product range, including high-purity powders, rich oils, water-soluble powders, and varied essential oils, ensures that you have the ideal CBD product for every application. Whether for cosmetics, pet food, e-cigarettes, HNB products, or other uses, our CBD products are designed to seamlessly integrate with you.


"We've incorporated Zeutika CBD's oil extracts into our skincare line, and the feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Their high-quality CBD has not only enhanced our products but has also been consistent in purity and potency, making it easy for us to meet regulatory standards. Zeutika's customer service and reliability have made them a valued partner in our growth."


Samantha H.

Cosmetic Product Manufacturer

"Adding Zeutika CBD's powder extract to our supplement range was a game changer. The product is superior in quality and comes with all the necessary certifications which our discerning customers appreciate. Their detailed product documentation and transparent sourcing really help us educate our customers, boosting our sales significantly."


David T.

Health Supplement Retailer

"Our collaboration with Zeutika CBD to include their CBD oils in our pet wellness products has had fantastic results. Our clients report seeing improved wellness in their pets, and they trust the safety and effectiveness of the products thanks to Zeutika's clear labeling and rigorous testing. Their dedication to environmental sustainability also aligns perfectly with our brand values."


Linda W.

Pet Care Brand Owner